Dry PTFE lubricant

Dry PTFE lubricant

Dry PTFE lubricant that lubricates slides, hinges, drawers, locks, hinges, latches…Lubricates without grease or oil. Compatible with all metals, plastics and glass. It can also be used as a release agent.

– Allows to lubricate slides, hinges, drawers, locks, gears, shafts, chains, rollers, rails… on industrial machines.
– Very good temperature resistance: from -120°C to +250°C.
– Resistance to mechanical pressure
– Lubricates without grease or oil
– Protection against external aggressions: protects parts against corrosion and oxidation… Prevents water from penetrating the mechanisms or dust from sticking to them.
– Greatly facilitates the injection of liquid plastic, the molding then the extraction and the ejection of the molded parts.
– Shake well before each use, shake again if used for more than 15 seconds.
– Spray from 15 to 30 cm depending on use, regularly and without excess.
– Store at room temperature between between 10 and 25°C.

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