Asphalt spray

Bituminous aerosol- TRIG-A-CAP® ASPHALT

The spray bitume Bonding primer Bitume spray that repairs cracks in roofs, pipes, gutters … Used to seal leaks. Used on all cast-iron products: pads, grids, manholes … Rust proof Stops the penetration of mold Resistant to salt and in general to corrosive atmospheres…. Stay supple Compatible with PVC. Box of 12 cans -520 ml
cold applied asphalt mix

Driveway pothole repair – AMPERE TRAFFIC ASPHALT

Driveway pothole repair, ready to use a true and high performance cold patch PRODUCT ADVANTAGES – Clean, fill, compact, instantly ready for traffic. – Immediate repair of driveway, carparks, roads, streets… – Use in any weather, resist to freeze / thaw cycles. – Snow clearing salt resistant. – No primary. – ...
Black parking asphalt sealant


AMPERE BLACK PARKING ASPHALT SEALANT – Asphalt Sealer AMPERE BLACK PARKING delays the ageing and surface degradation of asphalt (rain, snow, frost…) Product advantages: Waterproof and anti-slip High UV resistance Very economical to apply Solvent free Coverage: 1 x 25 kg bucket covers approximately 100 m². Instructions for use: ...
crack filler

Crack Filler – Ampere Asphalt

Crack Filler Single component mortar for repairing cracks in road surfaces, car parks, industrial floors… Single component mortar for the repair of cracks in roads, car parks, industrial floors… The CRACK FILLER allows you to repair cracks in your car parks or bituminous floors before applying our AMPERE BLACK PARKING® sealant. ...