Marking paint trig a cap original


  – For marking, surveying, topographical marks and public works. – The original marking paint. – Highly and precise marking on all kinds of supports – Fast drying time – Twist safety cap – Colors last longer – Hand marking paint, can also be used with marking handle – CFC free, lead free or ...
marking paint trig a cap extra

TRIG-A-CAP® EXTRA Marking paint

  – For markings, surveying, topographical marks and public works – Twist and lock safety cap – Fluorescent markings last longer on all kinds of supports – Thin and precise marking – CFC free, lead free or Cadmium free – Box of 12 aerosols – 650 ml*For professional users. Replaces to MARKING PAINT ...
Marking Paint

Marking paint – UNIVERSAL MARKER®

  – New ergonomic spray cap. – Long durability marking. – Marking spray head up. – Long distance and highly visible marking. – Very good adherence on mist types of supports. – Integrated spray tube for a precise marking. – Paint can be used even at low temperature. – Bad weather resistant. ...
trig a cap chalk

TRIG-A-CAP® CHALK Marking paint

Aerosols for ephemeral chalk markings for sports events, local events, urban and peri-urban areas, social distancing, building and public works