multi fuction precise spray

Multi-function penetrating oil – MULTI 500®

High performance valve enabling to use the aerosol in all positions. MULTI-FUNCTION PENETRATING OIL – To unblock, to lubricate, to protect, to clean – Integrated spray tube for a precise and clean application – High performance valve enabling to use the aerosol in all positions. – Unblock corroded, rusted, stuck, frozen ...
orange mechanic

Super degreasing cleaning foam – ORANGE MECHANIC

Super degreasing and cleaning foam The super degreasing, cleaning foam enriched with orange terpene is extremely effective on most types of dirt such as grease, oil, sludge, bitumen, tar, insect impact, black streaks on rims, etc… Use and application: compatible with most surfaces. Leaves a pleasant orange scent behind
fast degreaser

Fast degreaser

Fast degreaser with quick drying – Fast drying degreaser penetrates and dissolves in depth dust, grease, oil, mechanical parts residues and various clogging. – Formulated without chlorinated or fluorinated solvents. – Ultra fast drying. – Do not leave any traces on the treated parts.
mechanical degreaser

Brake cleaner

Mechanical degreaser BRAKE CLEANER is a powerful degreaser. It removes all dirt, even the most persistent: grease and tar residues…. The Brake Cleaner can be applied to all mechanical parts, brakes (discs, drums, shoes…), clutches… The ultra powerful cleaning and degreasing effect allows a quick and complete drying after ...
cutting oil

Cutting oil

  TOOLS PROTECTION – Multifunction cutting oil composed of mineral oil. – Reduce friction and facilitate machining, drilling, cutting operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. – Lubricating and cooling effect which allows higher working speed. – Reduce wear, provide a better performance and increase the ...
Dry lubricant

Dry lubricant

  DRY LUBRICANT – Industrial dry lubricant. – Lubricate, unblock and loosen easily bolts and screws. – Anti-corrosive protective film. – Composed of molybdenum disulfide. It facilitates the unmounting. – Box of 12 cans – 650 ml. *For professional use only
molybdenum grease

MOS2 Grease

  ANTI-WEAR GREASE FOR HIGH MECHANICAL PRESSURE – Black grease composed of mineral oil, lithium soap and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). – Lubrication for high mechanism pressure and low speed mechanism. – Resist to impact, water and corrosion. – Usable from -30°C to 160°C. – Extension diffuser tubes provided. ...
Lithium Grease

Lithium grease

  MULTIFUNCTION GREASE WITH HIGH ADHERENCE – Green grease composed of mineral oil, lithium soap and synthetic polymers. – High lubricant power. – Contains additives to prevent corrosion and wear. – Lubrication for all kind of pieces and systems in motion: rolling, pebbles, cables, articulated parts… – Good ...
Silicone grease

Silicone grease

  ANTI FRICTION, TO PROTECT WOOD, METALS AND PLASTIC – Translucent white grease composed of silicone: lubrication, isolation, protection. – Clean lubrication for pieces in motion and seals. – Excellent thermal and chemical stability between -40°C and 200°C. – Anti-adherent, hydrophobic and without danger for ...