Industry floor cleaner shampoo

Industry Floor Cleaner Shampoo

Cleaning product for industrial floors that can be used to clean synthetic, rubber or tiled floors. This product can be used for manual washing or machine brushing.

Professional Paint Gloss 520 ml

High-quality RAL paint with anti-corrosion agents. Retouching and renovation of equipment: forklifts, pallet trucks, tools, machines…
Cold galvanization spray

Cold galvanization spray – GALVA PROCAT®

  METAL PROTECTION  –  COLD GALVANIZATION SPRAY – Build up a film with excellent anti-corrosion properties. – Excellent adherence on metal. – Excellent corrosion resistance: do not leak. – Coverage 2 m² approx. – Box of  12 cans – 650 ml. GLOSS – Very good electrochemical corrosion ...
multi fuction precise spray

Multi-function penetrating oil – MULTI 500®

High performance valve enabling to use the aerosol in all positions. MULTI-FUNCTION PENETRATING OIL – To unblock, to lubricate, to protect, to clean – Integrated spray tube for a precise and clean application – High performance valve enabling to use the aerosol in all positions. – Unblock corroded, rusted, stuck, frozen ...

Weld spatter release spray – KLEAN WELD®

WELD SPATTER RELEASE SPRAY – Protect from welding spatters and increase the lifetime of welding torch nozzles. – Without silicone. – Spatters can be cleaned with water. – Do not alter finishing works=paint, surface coating… – Can be used upside down. – Box of  12 cans – 650 ml.*Gun for greater ...
Inox 316 paint HARDINOX

Inox 316L Paint – HARDINOX®

METAL PROTECTION – Special formulation containing 316L pigment stainless Steel (marine grade) to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protection against weather, sunlight, oil and water. – Abrasion resistant due to a very tough film. – Shiny effect. – Coverage 2m² approx. – Application: metal exposed to bad ...
Asphalt spray

Bituminous aerosol- TRIG-A-CAP® ASPHALT

The spray bitume Bonding primer Bitume spray that repairs cracks in roofs, pipes, gutters … Used to seal leaks. Used on all cast-iron products: pads, grids, manholes … Rust proof Stops the penetration of mold Resistant to salt and in general to corrosive atmospheres…. Stay supple Compatible with PVC. Box of 12 cans -520 ml