Industry floor cleaner shampoo

Industry Floor Cleaner Shampoo

Cleaning product for industrial floors that can be used to clean synthetic, rubber or tiled floors. This product can be used for manual washing or machine brushing.
orange mechanic

Super degreasing cleaning foam – ORANGE MECHANIC

Super degreasing and cleaning foam The super degreasing, cleaning foam enriched with orange terpene is extremely effective on most types of dirt such as grease, oil, sludge, bitumen, tar, insect impact, black streaks on rims, etc… Use and application: compatible with most surfaces. Leaves a pleasant orange scent behind
Anti-resin cleaner

Anti-resin cleaner RESIN CLEANER

Anti-resin cleaner RESIN CLEANER 520/400ml – Also allows the removal of labels. – Clean cutting accessories, chainsaws, hedge trimmers. Dissolves and removes oil, resin, tar or glue residues. – Its high covering power and its fluidity will allow an optimal lubrication. – Grease perfectly your mechanisms even where ...