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Rack-Armour_protection extra resistant

The best possible defence to guard your racking upright – suitable for nearly all type of racks.

– Major ballistics polymer that is used in the manufacture of bullet proof body armour ( HDPE High
Density Polyethylene) with a wall strength of over 7 mm and a highly flexible interior foam for optimal distribution of forces.
– Very high impact absorption up to a frontal impact force of up to 2.4 tons.
– Optimal fit, not strippable when retracting and extending the pallets.
– Round shape and firm construction distracts forklift forks from the rack stand – it comes not to collision.
– Prevents accidents and minimizes repair expenditure and repair costs.
– Advantageous slim design – no loss of shelf space.
– Elastic, spring-back, dimensionally stable – returns to its original shape.
– Rapid and easy installation, no attachment to the ground necessary.
– High visibility color thanks to optically high-quality signal color.
– Durable. Even survives steel and other materials.
– Suitable for cold storage, withstands extreme temperatures of up to -40 ° C.
– Non-toxic – fully recylable.
– Tested according to European and international standards FEM 10.2.02, AS4084.

Available in 4 sizes for ideal fitting for shelf racks dimensions of almost all brands.
S = 70 – 87 mm
M = 88 – 100 mm
L = 101 – 110 mm
XXL = 111 – 120 mm
Height 600 mm

To attach the sizes L and XXL the assembly tool is required.

Safety is important to you!
Invest 2 min. and watch our video.

Assembly tool set 
Is required for assembly the racking protection  size L and XXL.
Made of galvanized steel, painted yellow.
Can also be used for mounting Rack protectors in sizes S and M – but here the mounting tool is not absolutely necessary.


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