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Pallet racking protection RACK ARMOUR

Pallet racking protection RACK ARMOUR

Stock protection, Pallet rack protection, Metal structures Protection, Pallet rack protection, Pallet rack protection, Safety storage, Storage signalization

RACK ARMOUR - Certificate

RACK ARMOUR - Certificate

Pallet racking protection RACK ARMOUR - Certificate, Safety storage, Storage signalization


PALLET RACKING PROTECTION “RACK ARMOUR”An unstable rack storage system is a danger for people, machines and stored products.
That is why “Rack Armour” is an innovation in racks protection allowing to make them visible and to protect them from impacts.
Avoid expensive rack replacement costs.Advantages:
– Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which make it extra resistant.
– Highly visible.
– Absorb impacts until 2.4 tons and reform after impacts.
– In conformity with European and international standards, FEM10.2.02, AS4084.
– Can not be removed by taking off a pallet.
– The column guard has a rounded shape which means impacts are more likely to be deflected; the foam interior then diffuses any direct impacts throughout its length. Avoir serious accident/damages in most cases. The investment is minimal compared to floor repair costs and racks replacement.
– Firmly attached to uprights without fixing or drilling to the floor.
– Can operate down to -40°C.
– Non toxic and fully recyclable.

Pallet racking protection “RACK ARMOUR” is now certified by DEKRA, international reference for inspection, checking and certification. The DEKRA certification confirms the quality performance and security of ” RACK ARMOUR”.

*For professional users.

DEKRA Certificate Rack Armour

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