Paint stripper

Paint stripper

  PAINT STRIPPER – Immediate effect to clean and remove paints, varnishes, graffiti… – Recommended for smooth surfaces. – Application: wagons, truck bodies, walls, etc. – Box of 12 cans – 650 ml *Gun for greater precision marking.*For Professional users.Documentation…
cutting oil

Cutting oil

  TOOLS PROTECTION – Multifunction cutting oil composed of mineral oil. – Reduce friction and facilitate machining, drilling, cutting operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. – Lubricating and cooling effect which allows higher working speed. – Reduce wear, provide a better performance and increase the ...

Leak detector

  LEAK DETECTOR – Immediate identification without danger of gas leak origin (by emergence of thick and stable foam). – Do not leak. – Suitable for leaks in pipes or pipes couplers (compressed air, CO2, etc.). – No marks after use. – Extension diffuser tubes provided. – Applications: plumbing, ...
Dry lubricant

Dry lubricant

  DRY LUBRICANT – Industrial dry lubricant. – Lubricate, unblock and loosen easily bolts and screws. – Anti-corrosive protective film. – Composed of molybdenum disulfide. It facilitates the unmounting. – Box of 12 cans – 650 ml. *For professional use only
molybdenum grease

MOS2 Grease

  ANTI-WEAR GREASE FOR HIGH MECHANICAL PRESSURE – Black grease composed of mineral oil, lithium soap and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). – Lubrication for high mechanism pressure and low speed mechanism. – Resist to impact, water and corrosion. – Usable from -30°C to 160°C. – Extension diffuser tubes provided. ...
Lithium Grease

Lithium grease

  MULTIFUNCTION GREASE WITH HIGH ADHERENCE – Green grease composed of mineral oil, lithium soap and synthetic polymers. – High lubricant power. – Contains additives to prevent corrosion and wear. – Lubrication for all kind of pieces and systems in motion: rolling, pebbles, cables, articulated parts… – Good ...
Silicone grease

Silicone grease

  ANTI FRICTION, TO PROTECT WOOD, METALS AND PLASTIC – Translucent white grease composed of silicone: lubrication, isolation, protection. – Clean lubrication for pieces in motion and seals. – Excellent thermal and chemical stability between -40°C and 200°C. – Anti-adherent, hydrophobic and without danger for ...
Anti-resin cleaner

Anti-resin cleaner RESIN CLEANER

Anti-resin cleaner RESIN CLEANER 520/400ml – Also allows the removal of labels. – Clean cutting accessories, chainsaws, hedge trimmers. Dissolves and removes oil, resin, tar or glue residues. – Its high covering power and its fluidity will allow an optimal lubrication. – Grease perfectly your mechanisms even where ...