Anti-shock bollard - Rack Mammut

Rack-Mammut® Bollard

The Rack-Mammut® Bollard is a solution for marking and securing danger zones in indoor and indoor and outdoor areas.
corner protector

Corner protection – KORNER PROTECTOR

  Corner for protection and signalisation   KORNER PROTECTOR protect both item and people. AVANTAGES: – Almost indestructible. Stay résistant over time thanks to the specially designed metal core section. – High resistance to shocks through the inner metal core and sound the outer skin absorption. – Highly visible ...

Light protection corner

  FLEXIBLE VERSATILE PROTECTION – Luminescent keystone in PVC. – Color: yellow with green stripe – Recommended for marking and access protection. – Luminescent a few minutes after electricity cutoff: increase the visibility of emergency exits, doors and other facilities. – Protects the equipment due to its ...