Anti-shock bollard - Rack Mammut

Anti-shock bollard

Bollard idéal pour le repérage et la sécurisation des zones dangereuses dans les espaces intérieurs et extérieurs.
High Protection Bollard

High Protection Bollard

Ideal bollard for high traffic areas. Special construction with fixed inner tube and movable outer rings.
High Protection Post Protector

High Protection Post Protector

Modular column protection. Protects pillars and rectangular, round or square columns. Extreme resistance to all impact forces.

Floor rail barrier

The Floor Rail Barrier effectively absorbs impacts from any forklift traffic, thereby preventing damage to racking systems
corner protector

Corner protection – KORNER PROTECTOR

  Corner for protection and signalisation   KORNER PROTECTOR protect both item and people. AVANTAGES: – Almost indestructible. Stay résistant over time thanks to the specially designed metal core section. – High resistance to shocks through the inner metal core and sound the outer skin absorption. – Highly visible ...

Light protection corner

  FLEXIBLE VERSATILE PROTECTION – Luminescent keystone in PVC. – Color: yellow with green stripe – Recommended for marking and access protection. – Luminescent a few minutes after electricity cutoff: increase the visibility of emergency exits, doors and other facilities. – Protects the equipment due to its ...
Floor rail barrier- Rack mammut

Strong Floor Protection

Protects walls, machines or other structures. Withstands particularly high forces. For indoor and outdoor use.
Security gate - Rack-mammut

Security Gate

Protects frames in traffic areas and draws attention to the available height.